Acton Firefighters Local 1904 

Congratulations to the following on Promotions

Robert Vanderhoof  to Deputy Chief

Anita Arnum to Captain

Jake Zbikowski to Lieutenant

The picture on the left was a grease fire extended to the cabinets. Commercial sprinkler contained the fire. Residents displaced for a few weeks. The picture on the right was a another cooking fire extinguished by fire stop. The residents were displaced for a few hours.

Local 1904 has seen first hand how this product works. We are now offering this up to the residents of Acton. For a donation to the Acton fighters Local 1904 of $50 you can get two Stovetop Fire Stops. Please email Brent Carter if interested

First Aid, CPR, AED Training
Provided by Acton Firefighters.

To Book a class

Contact Tom Matthews-
Or call: 978-929-7453

We provide CPR, AED training as well as first aid and Blood Borne Pathogen and Choke Saver classes

We  also can tailor a class to  your needs

All classes are held at the PSF.

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