Acton Firefighters Local 1904 


Prior to a very large fire on July 22, 1913 that almost wiped out West Acton Village there were at least 5 different volunteer fire departments in Acton. The American Powder Company on Powdermill Rd also had a fire brigade with a stationary steam operated fire pump that fed a system of hydrants in the area along with employees to combat the frequent fires and explosions at their location.

From the year 1893 when the town purchased firefighting equipment and for the next 20 years, the villages managed the equipment and kept it in operating condition. Following that large fire in 1913 the town took over operations and had one Chief Engineer instead of the five Fire Wardens. That fire of 1913 gave the town a good scare into realizing how inefficient their resources were and if the South and West Acton water supply District had not formed in 1912, their efforts would have been futile.

William H. Kingsley is the first Chief however during the Great Depression he wasn't very fond of the job because of lack of funding for the dept. and the town suspended pay for the call men. He finally went to bat for the dept. at town meeting and the Board of Selectman refused to reappoint him again.

In 1969 Malcolm J. Perkins, Malcolm S. Macgregor, Edward F. Belmont, Donald F. Copeland, Hobart T. King, David W. Calkins, Clarence G. Frost, Thomas M. Hart, Joseph A. Conquest, Bernard A Couette, William G. Soar, Charles R. Sweet, Stephen E. Huntley, David E. Spinney, Richard M. Scribner, John M, Tobin all members of the Acton Fire Dept. formed an allegiance with The International Association of Firefighters. They became what we know as The Acton Firefighters Local 1904.


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