Acton Firefighters Local 1904 

Public Education

Team Members

FF/EMT Brent Carter - Public Education Coordinator, CPR, First Aid Instructor
Lt./ Medic  Anita Arnum
FF/EMT Richard (Sully) Sullivan
FF/ EMT Tom Matthews - CPR, First Aid Instructor
FF/ EMT Jim Ruggerio
FF/Medic Jim Byrne - CPR First Aid Instructor
FF/ EMT Shaun Shattuck - CPR First Aid Instructor
FF/EMT Bob Smart

        “Providing education to the public on the dangers of fire, utilizing a pro active         approach combined with professionals and the desire to keep the community safe."

The Acton Fire Department is partnering with the Acton Council on Aging to install free battery operated smoke alarms and provide educational materials to eligible seniors to keep them safe from fires in their homes. The Fire Department will provide and install the alarms upon request. Please contact the Acton Council on Aging to sign up.

For more information, contact: Acton Council on Aging (978) 929-6652

First Aid, CPR, AED Training

Provided by Acton Firefighters.

Contact Tom Matthews.
NEW PHONE  #: 978-929-7453

$70 and you can borrow a book or $85 and you keep the book.
We will need a minimum of 5 to hold the class.

Don't forget to stop by any Acton Fire Station and pick up a File of Life for yourself or a Loved one!

The File of Life enables first responders to obtain a quick medical history when the patient is unable to offer one.

Benefits to emergency rescue teams.

- Corrective treatment can begin at once
- Faster help for citizens in emergencies

Benefits to each individual.

- Easy access to potentially life- saving information
- Assurance that the proper persons will be notified quickly
-Peace of mind knowing they have prompt and quality care

Available at all Fire station and the Public Safety facility

Generously Donated by The Acton Lions Club


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